Designed in Vienna, travels worldwide.

Inspired by a longtime dream of a leather bag that masterfully combines function and shape, a new brand was born. 

The leather buddies with timeless appeal, designed to meet everyday needs and follow wherever we go. Each item carefully handcrafted by experienced artisans, with high attention to detail, is an object of professional pride.

In the beautiful Austrian capital, where traditional elegance profoundly meets modernity, the embodiment of Viennese charm in the Pave brand evokes effortless cool.

Nino B. Pavlek

Born Croat, Viennese by choice, a creative
and design head behind the brand.
Experienced day dreamer who tries to 
make life as beautiful as it gets including
designing and developing everyday leather
we need and love.

Based in Vienna, PAVÉ offers
the handcrafted leather buddies for traveling